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We are on vacation and will not be able to be contacted via the internet or otherwise until sometime in September. We will let you know and look forward to serving you in the near future. Please check back. Thank you for your support.

Commercial soap can leave your skin dry and tight due to the mass production methods of the soap making industry. All of the natural moisturizers are taken out, leaving you with salt and detergent.
Rescue Your Skin
from detergent and salt by choosing Goatmilk Goodness Valley.

Are you looking for a soap that will be kind to your skin?

Being a Registered Nurse, I am aware that most people need to feel good on the outside as well as feeling good on the inside. Your skin works hard to provide its best protection to your body, so the health and condition of your skin should be an important priority. Goatmilk Goodness Valley Soaps use only the best ingredients, blended to moisturize and refresh the skin.

Lavender Goatmilk SoapOur goat's milk products are perfect for chemotherapy patients, allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. If your skin feels dry and tight from using commercial soaps, pamper your skin with the rich moisturizing lather of our goat's milk soap.

You should be using skin care products that you know
you can trust homeclick from someone who cares about your skin.
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Goatmilk Goodness Valley

Goatmilk Goodness Valley currently cannot be contacted via the internet but will resume taking orders
sometime in September. Watch for our return then. We look forward to serving you in the near future!

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